Enviropark Pomoravie is a non-profit organisation providing community services for the creation, development, protection, renewal and presentation of intellectual, spiritual and cultural values:

  • Services for the organisation of courses and seminars focusing on the creation and protection of the environment and the protection of public health
  • Services for organising project preparation, for the preparation of projects and consultations, relating to preparations for projects for the acquisition of funding from various sources
  • The organisation of cultural events, exhibitions, conferences and congresses.

EnviroPark Pomoravie is the name of the concept, of a development philosophy, of a zone of an "environmental" business park and of partnerships between different units and departments along the River Morava in the local authorities’ areas of Gajary, Kostolište, Jakubov, Leváre, Malé Leváre, Závod, Studienka and Láb – which account for 30% by area of the district of Malacky.

Cross-border cooperation between the Slovak Republic and Austria 2007-2013

  • Intercultural education for children and adults
  • Intercultural education of (school)children and teachers