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The project region (Vienna, the SK - Lower Austria - Burgenland border region) is one of linguistic and cultural diversity, which is why multilingual education, acquisition of the languages of neighbouring regions and intercultural knowledge are of particular importance. The development of these competencies from an early age gives adolescents the opportunity to make better use of the educational and work opportunities and make the most of life in the region. The main objective is to improve the quality of language support measures in the teaching of neighbouring regions' languages/multilingual education by developing and testing new learning methods and materials, all of which have common, cross-border content.

A joint cross-border education programme is to be developed in partnership between the institutions for continuous language teaching using experiential learning, with a particular focus on the transition from nursery to school and on promoting social and communication skills. A training offensive for teachers, the establishment of new forms of professional development and their implementation in the pilot institutions are to secure professional language development as part of everyday life and learning in the long term in the institutions in question. Targeted cross-border activities with children, young people and teachers are also to promote intercultural exchange. Involving the management bodies and training institutions as key players and working more closely with parents should ensure the long-term success of the project.

The project is to result in a tested and evaluated package of teaching measures and methods for integrated language learning and experiential learning, which can and should be applied throughout the programme area and beyond. An electronic knowledge platform is to be set up for the sustainable use and networking of the new innovative methods and materials.

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The networking platform BIG.NET is online. Take the opportunity and get in contact with other project members!

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01 Mar. 2017 – 31 Oct. 2020


Total project budget: EUR 4.276.854,08 
Total ERDF contribution: EUR 3.635.325,97

Lead Partner: EFRE EUR 1.137.300,49
Partner 2: EFRE EUR 566.758,60
Partner 3: EFRE EUR 205.215,50
Partner 4: EFRE EUR 169.391,37
Partner 5: EFRE EUR 466.947,50
Partner 6: EFRE EUR 470.116,20
Partner 7: EFRE EUR 228.780,90
Partner 8: EFRE EUR 280.499,58
Partner 9: EFRE EUR 110.315,83